MAS Overview

Official whitepaper version 1.7.0 | Last updated August 2021

New era of patronage

This white paper introduces the Marvelous Agency for Support (MAS), a digital platform that aims to support a class of people, of all types (Youtubers, educators, charities, etc.), and help them achieve more by matching them with potential clients and communicating with their audience. Based on blockchain technology, the MAS platform will be more transparent and very easy to use.
The MAS platform is based on the traditional institution of patronage donations, whereby individuals who wish to support non-traditional education, culture and literature, documentaries, charitable and volunteer work (called “clients”), can connect with content creators and contribute financially to specific projects or make general donations to special creators. Unlike generic crowdfunding platforms, the MAS platform will enable and foster close and personal relationships between clients and celebrity content creators, a hallmark of patronage donations. Contributions can be made through any digital token, but the original instrument token, the MAS token, will be available to direct transactions within the MAS platform. The MAS token will be issued via an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) conducted through the or other digital exchanges. With MAS, we aim to take content creation sponsorship donations to the next step, in terms of transparency and relevance, and to build an ecosystem in which real and meaningful donation relationships are developed.