The MAS platform differentiates itself from digital patronage platforms like Patreon, due to its increased transparency and easier to use system. And from crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, because it enables close connections to take place between clients and MAS.
The use of blockchain technology, featuring mechanisms like proof of donation, provides an increased level of transparency, not seen in platforms like Patreon. Data on how contributions are handled is not held by a central entity but distributed across a decentralized ledger. While a dominant competitor like Patreon could implement blockchain technology in its platform, it is unlikely that it will do so in the short-term, due to the complications of migrating from a legacy system.
On the other hand, crowdfunding platforms do not foster close relationships between content creators and their donors, and as such are not content creation donations in the strict sense. This gives a platform like MAS, with its strong focus on creating meaningful connections, plenty of space for differentiating.