Justification for a utility token

The decision to issue a native utility token was carefully deliberated by the MAS platform founding team. It was not taken lightly and is grounded on various goals and reasons.
The issuance and creation of the MAS token is justified by the need of a proper ecosystem where MAS can be supported by private individuals and can connect with their audience. In simpler words: those who wish to support digital content creation, and those who want to deploy their creative talent but need support, need a space where they can match, and where the contributions can be seamlessly channelled. The MAS token is going to be, in this sense, the fuel of this ecosystem.
In contrast with most of ICOs or IEOs that hit the crypto-space each week, the MAS project is a real-world, real-people use case, whose value proposition makes uses of blockchain technology at its core. By using its own native utility token in the ecosystem, the MAS platform will reduce friction and transaction costs, which nowadays affect contribution and sales channels. Moreover, the system will function independently of third-party financial intermediaries that handle transactions in fiat currency. Every contribution will be done inside MAS platform ecosystem through MAS tokens.