An amount of 1 billion MAS tokens, under the ERC-20 standard, are to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The ERC-20 standard is the most commonly used for token-based fundraising, when the token has a clear and immediate utility in the system, which is very clear in the case of MAST tokens. The total supply of MAS tokens will be issued by the MAS platform, and its amount cannot be increased by other means, such as mining or minting. Part of the total supply will be offered for sale, first to private investors in a pre-IEO phase, and then to retail investors through an initial exchange offering process (IEO). Remaining unsold MAS tokens after the conclusion of the IEO will be burned. In order to participate in the sale, investors will have to own an ETH wallet. Each MAS token belongs to a specific wallet and cannot be divided. The transfer of any amount of MAS tokens between users can only be initiated and executed by its owner, and not by any other user or third party.