Token sale structure and schedule

A fraction of the total supply of MAS tokens shall be offered for investors through an initial exchange offering (IEO) process, which will be preceded by a pre-sale stage. As mentioned, MAS tokens will be issued as an BSC token in an initial exchange offering (IEO). IEOs have become the preferred way of issuing utility tokens, due to the increased trust and confidence that they offer in relation to their predecessors: the ICOs. This is due to the fact that in an IEO, the management of the token issuance —from the setup of an Ethereum smart contract, to the listing of the token— is done by a digital exchange.
The following table shows the general schedule of the IEO, including discounts applicable in each phase and price:
Seed phase
MAS = 0.005 USD
Private sale
MAS = 0.0075 USD
Public sale
MAS = 0.01 USD